Windows 7: A graceful exit for Vista?

I have been using Windows 7 since the beta first appeared and recently did a clean install of the RC. I have to say, I am impressed. Faster boot and shutdown times, reasonable UAC application, refined eye-candy. I love what they did with the task bar. For example, if you have multiple browser or application […]


Employee Surveillance on Steroids

So the other day I went to a conference on security and listened to a couple of rehashed arguments on why business owners should secure their networks, data and mobile devices. Pretty standard stuff. Then we got into the latest development in employee monitoring and surveillance technology and I found myself going “whoa”, can they […]

Backup Options for Small Business Owners

You’ve heard it a thousand times: backup your data. But I still find it rather amazing to walk into a client’s environment and ask, “so what do you do for backup?” and get a blank stare or “oh, we are doing ok”. The “it will never happen to us” syndrome is prevalent in the small […]