A Case for EndPoint Security

Businesses face all kinds of challenges these days, but for the small business owner, the challenges are magnified in these tough economic times. Faced with limited IT personnel and budget, the small business environment usually end up with non-standard computer configurations, inadequate or non-existent security policies, old equipment etc. The impact of the failure of […]


The Challenges of Data Leakage Prevention

With the rapid advances in technology and the attendant interconnected nature of computer systems, many business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the dire need to control the flow of information into, through and out of their enterprises. For years, the focus of the business owner was on how to stop viruses, spam, network intrusions […]

Benefits of Using Managed Services

The rapid growth in online commerce and the way we interact has great significance for small business owners since it affects our ability to collaborate online, work remotely and engage in transactions with several parties even on a global scale. The underlying glue that makes all this work however, is confidence. We are able to […]