How To Fix JAuthentication Error in Joomla!

I recently had an error in Joomla! and was unable to log in to the administrator site. The error was: JAuthentication::__construct: Could not load authentication libraries. Username and password do not match I almost panicked. It turned out that I had accidentally disabled the authentication module and plugin thereby denying access to the site administrator. […]


How To Protect Wireless Access Points

A recent survey of financial districts found nearly 6% of Wi-Fi clients actively probing for the SSID Free Public WiFi because Wi-Fi users have been spreading this viral SSID to fellow travelers for three years now. FRAUDULENT SSID LEADS TO ATTACKS It can be tough to convince users — especially those challenged by shrinking travel […]

Microsoft’s Mega Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is gearing up for the release of its largest number of security updates and patches on this Patch Tuesday which will rival the previous highs of 12 security bulletins (February 2007 and October 2008). This release cycle will have 13 and also has eight bulletins that fall into the “critical” category which affects all […]