Identity Theft Law: What Health Care Providers Need to Know

Original article by Steven Toporoff As many as nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year. The crime takes many forms. But when identity theft involves health care, the consequences can be particularly severe. Medical identity theft happens when a person seeks health care using someone else’s name or insurance information. A survey conducted […]


Take Stock: Conducting a Data Security Audit in Your Office

It may mean one thing on TV, but to savvy business executives, “CSI” should stand for Carefully Secure Information. Every company has an obligation to its customers, affiliates, and employees to safeguard sensitive data. One step of the process is to “Take Stock” — conduct a CSI-style “forensic audit” of your information practices.

The Lowdown on Laptops: Data Security for the Road Warrior

Scan the lobby at any office building and you’ll see them: Busy executives scrolling through messages on their PDAs, flipping through stacks of client files, and carrying on animated conversations with colleagues via cell phone. No one appreciates the convenience of today’s virtual office more than the globetrotting Road Warrior. But are you maintaining the […]