What Can Astaro Linux Do For You?

I had a client who was just getting killed by spammers. Every morning their inbox was loaded with junk mail and they had as much as five thousand (5,000) emails in their spam filter box when they came in. I decided to help them out with the free version of Astaro Security Gateway. We threw […]


Why Microsoft will continue to have piracy concerns

Little things usually cause people to make very drastic decisions, sometimes not because they want to, but mainly because they are driven by disgust. Take my experience with Windows Vista for instance. I just got a new computer that came preloaded with Windows Vista 64-bit Home Edition “Premium”. So far, so good. Of course, since the computer came with […]

Web Filtering for Kids

I have been encouraging many friends with kids to try the Linux Operating System mainly because of one major advantage over the other Operating Systems – free software for kids. Take the Debian distribution with over 25,000 applications for example. There are all kinds of games and educational software that comes bundled with these distributions that it […]

Roll Your Own Captive Portal

A lot of businesses these days, especially small cafes, coffeee shops and restaurants, offer free WIFI services to their customers. The problem is, many of these wireless devices are left wide open and unsecured because customers and business owners do not want to deal with the hassle of locked down services. An alternative is to sign […]

Proactive steps for the small business owner

Every small business owner has experienced it – the dizzying speed at which technology is evolving, the myriad of solutions out there, the outrageous cost of so-called “solutions” proffered by self-confessed experts, and the tendency to “In-Source” I.T. responsibilities to a technology-savvy employee who quickly becomes frustrated, overworked and under-utilized. The outcome of this scenario […]

Small Business Servers you never heard of!

Now be honest, what do you know about ClarkConnect, Astaro, Untangle. Chances are, you do not have any idea what they are. These are the Open Source equivalents of Microsoft’s Small Business Server. ClarkConnect is a piece of software built on the solid foundation of Red Hat’s code. The application manages to pack a lot […]

Virtualization and the Small Business Owner

Virtualization has been around for quite sometime now, but has not really caught on. A 2006 survey of more than 250 enterprise found that 21% of enterprises were planning desktop virtualization projects covering half or more of their enterprise. In 2008, only 16% of these major enterprises had achieved a desktop virtualization deployment. One reason […]

Ubuntu 9.10 Named

Mark Shuttlworth has announced that the next release of the popular Ubuntu Linux Operating System will be called Karmic Koala. Here’s the whole message: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the *Karmic Koala*, the newest member of our alliterative menagerie. When you are looking for inspiration beyond the looming Jaunty feature freeze, I hope […]