Reduce Stress with Faster Computer Boots

Have you ever found yourself talking to your computer urging it to “come on already”? If I had my way, working with a slow computer should be a form of torture. It does not help either that our newer computers are sometimes as slow as our lovely Pentium IIs with the never ending hourglass that […]


DHS Releases Conficker/Downadup Computer Worm Detection Tool

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Monday the release of a DHS-developed detection tool that can be used by the federal government, commercial vendors, state and local governments, and critical infrastructure owners and operators to scan their networks for the Conficker/Downadup computer worm. According to the DHS The department’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team […]

The Benefits of A Server

Can a server really help your business? So many small business owners seem to think otherwise. The argument is that the old XP or Windows 2000 professional sitting in a corner is doing just fine. But that is a disaster waiting to happen  and a great drag on productivity. Servers are built for storing things […]

Proactive steps for the small business owner

Every small business owner has experienced it – the dizzying speed at which technology is evolving, the myriad of solutions out there, the outrageous cost of so-called “solutions” proffered by self-confessed experts, and the tendency to “In-Source” I.T. responsibilities to a technology-savvy employee who quickly becomes frustrated, overworked and under-utilized. The outcome of this scenario […]

Small Business Servers you never heard of!

Now be honest, what do you know about ClarkConnect, Astaro, Untangle. Chances are, you do not have any idea what they are. These are the Open Source equivalents of Microsoft’s Small Business Server. ClarkConnect is a piece of software built on the solid foundation of Red Hat’s code. The application manages to pack a lot […]