How to Upgrade Windows 7 from RC to Final

The recent buzz in the technology world has been the upcoming release of the finished build (RTM) of Windows 7. Already, subscribers to Microsoft Technet have been granted access to the final release. But for those who installed the Release Candidate (RC), it will probably come as a shock to find out that there is no direct upgrade path from the RC to the final release. The reason for this is that the build values are different in the source code – the RC has a value of 7100 while the RTM has a value of 7233. But not to worry, our friends at The How-To Geek have just published a hack that will allow users of the release candidate to upgrade to the final release.

See their guide here.

One thing to note though, since the release candidate was the Ultimate version, you can only upgrade to the Ultimate version of the final release.