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Encryption Tools for the Mobile Executive

Most companies provide their senior executives with laptops or netbooks and tablets so they can be productive even when on the road. This is even more true of corporates executives who sometimes demand anytime, anywhere access to data residing on corporate servers. The big corporations can afford to spend millions of dollars on data protection […]

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Beware The Ides of April: Web Indexing and Tax Data

Tax season is in high gear and with it comes the need to be extra vigilant on how tax records are handled. After all, your tax records “has everything” that can be considered as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). PII refers to information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person […]

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Online Tracking & Spying is No Joke!

You’ve heard about it and read tons of articles about it, but until you actually experience it, you do not realize how unnerving online spying can be. As a Computer Security Consultant, I spend a lot of time on the internet reading, researching and writing. Naturally, I subscribe to a lot of content providers for […]

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