A GMail Headache

For quite some time now, I have struggled to come to terms with the inability to do your regular sort on emails in my gmail inbox. Yes, I have heard of and read tomes about labels and filters and other nifty ways of fixing the sort problem but I still would love to have the ability to do the simple stuff. Take the process like this one about dealing with items in the spam folder for example:

Set up Filters to automate labelling of your mails, (say) as per sender or
sender group. Click the check-box to apply the filter on all messages.
Apply/save the Filter. Now, open each Label, Select: All, click ‘Select all #### messages in this
label, and click Archive. This would remove all labelled conversations from
Inbox. Return to Inbox. If any unlabelled messages are present, apply one of the
following actions — (a) delete (b) mark as spam (c) label and archive (d) if
necessary, star (for later follow-up). Now you should have an empty Inbox. Go to Spam. Select: All, click ‘Not spam’. All spam messages would move to
Inbox. Go to Settings > Filters. Edit and re-apply each filter. Return to Inbox. Select: All, mark as spam. Go to Spam. Click ‘Delete all messages in Spam’. Go to Trash. Click ‘Delete all messages in Trash’.

Now take a look at that process again and tell me how many steps were involved in just getting rid of unwanted emails. How about I

  1. click on “subject”, “sender”, or “date” headings and
  2. have easy access to emails sorted by subject, sender or date and delete or save accordingly?

Sometimes in an effort to be different, we make things unnecessarily complicated. I found a quick and efficient solution that worked for me though. I installed Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client which is preconfigured for gmail. You only need to input your username and password and you have a “normal” inbox. I then clean out stuff I do not need and the changes are reflected in my gmail inbox.