How to use Gmail to manage email addresses

A few weeks back, the Gmail team at Google launched a Multiple Inboxes feature on gmail which allows you to customize the different “in-boxes” you see in one view when you log into Gmail. The beauty of this new feature is that it allows you to control multiple email accounts in one “command station” – your gmail account. What with the gigabytes of space “and counting” that you have with your account. To achieve this:

1. Turn on Multiple In-boxes from the Labs tab under Settings.
2. Set up a filter to auto-archive all mail sent to your work or school address.
3. Customize one of your multiple in boxes to show mail sent to your other address. To do this, go to the Multiple In-boxes tab under Settings and set up one of the panes to search for mail sent to your other address.
4. (Optional) Use a “custom from” address so that replies will be sent from Gmail but as if they’re from your other account. This way, your co-workers or classmates won’t know the difference.

After it’s all set up, and you’ve set your email to be forwarded and properly labeled, you can use the other in-boxes not as subdivisions of your primary Gmail account, but as full-fledged in-boxes for separate email accounts.