Is Your Computer Network Killing Your Business?

Is Your Computer Network Killing Your Business?

Your computer network is more important than ever. When it slows down, your business slows down. When it’s under attack, your business is under attack.

In the past, you could use a simple consumer WiFi router. Today, that’s like having your front door open 24 hours a day. Disaster will strike – the only question is when.

You are losing money when your network is not managed. Here are a few ways it happens:

Employees Wasting Time

When a network isn’t managed, your staff can reach any website at any time. They can use company resources – like your computer and internet connection – to chat on Facebook and play games. How much time have they wasted already?

Crashes and Outages

Internet connection down? Can’t reach your printer? That’s part of life with an un-managed network. Your business loses money every time a system goes down. When your network is out, can you still process orders? Can you access accounting and employee records? Do your phones still work?

Slowdowns and Congestion

A network outage is obvious, but a slowdown can hurt your business just the same. Every task is delayed. Emails take longer to send. Files take longer to download. Each one eats into the efficiency and profit of your business. With VoIP phones, the call quality gets so bad the phones are worthless!

Buried in Spam

Spam is another problem for un-managed networks. Your time is wasted on dozens of irrelevant emails from across the world. Some of them are just annoying. Others are downright malicious! No matter their intent, spam emails are a blight on your business and you should not have to deal with them.

Viruses and Data Thieves

Your entire business is at risk when the network is un-managed. Not only can viruses and malware lock up a computer, but they can also steal your customer and business records. This can open a tsunami of costs – such as litigation and fines – that can wipe you out.

Is your network killing your business?

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