How To Keep Your Computer Network Up, Running, And Problem FREE


Problem-free Computer Network

In order to stay ahead of the constant threats posed by cyber attacks, keep their customers satisfied, and stay profitable, businesses and organizations have to make sure that their computer networks are up, running, secure and problem-free.

Are you frustrated with on-going computer problems – slow machines, error messages, viruses, spyware, printers not working, applications crashing, and other issues that drive you nuts? You are not alone!

Several small and medium sized business (SMB) owners struggle with this problem all the time, primarily because of resource constraints – small staff, limited budget, and the high cost of hiring a skilled IT expert etc.

But there are those who have figured out a way to completely ELIMINATE those problems from cropping up, finally and forever…and it didn’t cost them a dime.

The Best Way To Deal With A Computer Problem?

PREVENT It From Happening In The First Place.

Did you know that practically 99% of all computer crashes, downtime, viruses, and other problems could have been prevented or completely avoided?

That’s because computers need regular maintenance to run fast and clean – but most people just use their PCs day in and day out and never think about this critical maintenance UNTIL something stops working. By then, the damage is often done and you end up with unexpected downtime and possibly even lost data, identity theft, and expensive repair bills.

Here’s how to keep your network up, running and problem free:

24/7 Monitoring Of Your Network.

This refers to keeping an eye on the “vital signs” of the devices on your network to look for hidden problems. These could be backups not working, a hard drive that is about to fail, a critical security update that wasn’t applied correctly, and dozens of other potential system failures. If a problem is discovered, typically you should be alerted immediately so you can fix issues BEFORE they turn into bigger, more expensive problems.


Sending alerts when computer network errors occur works like a security monitoring system in your home or office. When something goes wrong, you are notified. It could be the discovery of an unknown virus attack, hacker invasion, or other security breach.

Being alerted either through email or text massages allows you to immediately take action to protect yourself.

Instant “On-Demand” Computer Support And Repairs.

When you receive alerts, you have options on how to resolve the problem. You can fix it yourself or have an external party help you out.

You can also choose to have a service provider like Tech Prognosis resolve an issue that  that was uncovered. Most problems can be resolved directly over the Internet via a secure, private connection while you watch! In cases where the problem can not be resolved remotely, it may require an onsite visit. Make sure you use a local service provider because it may require several visits to resolve some critical computer problems.

Tech Prognosis offers a Network Monitoring Service that addresses the problem of reducing downtime through preventative measures.

It is best to adopt the prevention mindset as opposed to waiting for something to break before frantically calling for help.

If your business, or organization, is struggling with getting a handle on managing your technology investments, Tech Prognosis can help. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.