Lazy Developers Do Not Deserve Your Time

Technology is improving at an amazing pace and it’s all we can do to keep up. So it angers me to no end when I encounter what I term “lazy development” in terms of content delivery. Let me explain.

As a business person, I am always on the move – seminars, conferences, client visits etc. At the same time, I need to keep up with what’s happening and more importantly keep up with trends in the industry. To that end, my smart-phone is virtually my computer and speed is essential. I get my emails on my phone, hold video conferences on it when possible and browse the web. To make these a little faster, I disabled flash and JavaScript on web browsers and disabled HTML rendering on my email client.

Lately, due to an ever tighter schedule, I have had very little patience for emails, newsletters and web sites that insist on using JavaScript, Flash and  HTML rendering or nothing. They would not open for you to at least get a gist of the content. My guess is that this is all driven by the need to track users or capture some ad dollars, but the inexperience is annoying, to say the least. The easiest thing to do is immediately move away from the web site of simply delete the email or newsletter. This is sad because some of them do have great content that one would like to read. But as soon as I see:

Oops! You may not be able to view this message in your mail client as HTML. Please copy blah-blah-blah to the address field of your browser

I just hit the delete button. If in 2010, some people are too lazy to program their messages to render as plain text if HTML is not available, they do not deserve my time. As a matter of fact, I am so disgusted with some that I simply unsubscribe from their list. It does not have to be pretty for people to get your message. Just get the message across as many have found ways to do. I read the newsletters and emails of these folks who get it. If I am interested enough and want more information, I go to the web site and put up with the annoying Flash or JavaScript, and the stupid request for my life history before I can download a crappy 2-page “White Paper”.

The same goes for a web site. Unless you have JavaScript and/or flash enabled, some sites just remain blank! No text, no static images, nothing. This is the height of laziness. Just because you bought a flash or JavaScript infested template does not mean you should not do some work to at least show something. When I encounter websites like these, I simply leave. They do not deserve my time no matter how great the content may be. A simple online search for the topic gives me equally great sites and content without the hassle of JavaScript and/or Flash. These technologies are meant to enhance a web site, not be the web site.