Spammers using Yahoo to bait phishing hooks

Times are tough in a recession, which means you, the reader, are more likely to be enticed by spam e-mails advertising deep discounts or one-day sales. That’s the line of reasoning the spam industry is using, at least—botnets are busy churning out recession-themed e-mails and possibly exploiting a flaw in Yahoo’s search engine to do it.

If there’s an economic, social, or political event happening in the world, you can bet spammers will leap upon it as an attack vector. It therefore comes as no surprise that January’s grim harvest of corporate Q4 results led to a surge in recession-themed e-mails in February. The overall volume of spam sent in February actually decreased slightly (1.3 percent) compared to January, but topics such as “Affordable brand name watches,” “Get 15 percent off these,” and “Cheaper than you can imagine” dominated subject fields.

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