Small Business Servers you never heard of!

Now be honest, what do you know about ClarkConnect, Astaro, Untangle. Chances are, you do not have any idea what they are. These are the Open Source equivalents of Microsoft’s Small Business Server. ClarkConnect is a piece of software built on the solid foundation of Red Hat’s code. The application manages to pack a lot into one CD – web server, web filter, spam filter, FTP, firewall, backup, Database, file server, VPN etc. Astaro is a firewall application, but it is also a spam, spyware and phishing blocker, a web filter, and router. Untangle, like ClarkConnect has applications for web, mail, firewall, spam filter, and more. They are plug and play software where you install and forget (reminds me of the good old days of Netware). For small business owners who are in a pinch, these tools can be deployed with little or no Linux knowledge.
Of course, if you need help getting started, Tech Prognosis will gladly work with you to get you going.