Automation and Small Business Owners

Small business owners are usually forced by budget constraints to do every thing they can to save cost. In order to save on software licensing costs,for example, a small business owner may install the free version of a critical application like a firewall or anti-virus on the business computers. The task of updating these applications then falls onĀ  each user to run periodic system scans and updates.

One thing that is not common in small business environments is process automation. Most processes are manually carried out. What we have to realize is that as hard as we try, at some point, somebody forgets to run a system scan or the backup program. Occasionally, someone could accidentally turn off or stop a backup application before the process is completed.
In many small business environments, only one employee is in charge of I.T. support, system maintenance and running backups. If that employee goes on vacation or stays home sick one day, the backups will not run.
It is very difficult for a small business owner to rely solely on human effort to keep computer systems of the business safe.
The best practice is to strive for automation in order to have consistent, reliable updates to your security software and backup systems. There is also the need for processes to run independent of any particular individual.
If you re a business owner, or you are in charge of running updates and performing regular maintenance, automation free up untold amounts of time and spare endless headaches. Automatic updates, backups and system scans, deployed system-wide, ensure that your whole business stays safe and up-to-date no matter who is in the office and who remembers to do what

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