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WeR1 v Cyberlynk: Ethics and Danger in the Cloud

A recent lawsuit involving WeR1 World Network and CyberLynk Network brings up the issue of ethics, responsibility and danger in the much hyped “Cloud” storage utility that has been agressively pushed by most of the major vendors in recent times. The gist of the case is that a disgruntled employee of Cyberlynk managed to log […]

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How To Recover From A Hard Drive Crash

So, what if you came into the office one morning and heard some clicking sound coming from your server? That clicking sound could be a near heart-stopper for some or another minor irritation to others depending on how well they have planned for such a situation. It is the tell-tale sign that a hard drive […]

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SMBs and Business Continuity Plans

Question: What is the cost of a hardware failure to your business? If you are like most business owners, you are already calculating the cost of the server, hard drive, installation cost etc. But is that really the cost to your business? To put it another way, what would it cost you to replace the […]

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Automation and Small Business Owners

Small business owners are usually forced by budget constraints to do every thing they can to save cost. In order to save on software licensing costs,for example, a small business owner may install the free version of a critical application like a firewall or anti-virus on the business computers. The task of updating these applications […]

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