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How To Recover From A Hard Drive Crash

So, what if you came into the office one morning and heard some clicking sound coming from your server? That clicking sound could be a near heart-stopper for some or another minor irritation to others depending on how well they have planned for such a situation. It is the tell-tale sign that a hard drive […]

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Getting Ready for Windows 7

It’s coming and you know it. As Microsoft gets ready to release Windows 7 to the general public, it is very important for small business owners to start thinking of how to migrate to the new OS. Unlike, Windows Vista, there is no reason why enterprises should not start planning for the move now. Of […]

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Cost Cutting and Productivity

The general saying these days is that the economy is in a bad shape, things are tight and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make payroll. For small business owners, this is evident in the rate at which employees are being laid off, or having their hours reduced. The danger in all this is that […]

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Benefits of Using Managed Services

The rapid growth in online commerce and the way we interact has great significance for small business owners since it affects our ability to collaborate online, work remotely and engage in transactions with several parties even on a global scale. The underlying glue that makes all this work however, is confidence. We are able to […]

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