How To Cut Costs With Hosted Digital Phones

This is the Internet Age. Broadband and high-speed connections in the small to midsize business environment is now the norm as opposed to the exception it was a few years ago. What does that mean for the small and midsize business owner? Huge cost savings for one, in the area of communication. With the many offerings available today, it is not uncommon for businesses to reduce telephone costs by as much as eighty (80) percent. Here’s the rundown.

VoIP is a term that refers to Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that allows phone calls to be made using high-speed Internet connections like cable, T1 or high-end DSL. Other common names for VoIP are IP, digital and Internet phones. The unique thing about digital phone technology is that it works with regular analog phones and this is important because since not everyone may have this technology in place, your calls will still be received whether the party you are calling has VoIP in place or not.

What is a hosted digital phone system and how does it benefit you?

Host digital phone simply means that all the equipment and service you need for the phone system is provided by a hosting company and you therefore do not need to have any equipment at your location. The only thing that is highly critical is that your business location needs a reliable high-speed Internet connection. The great thing is that your business location already have most of what is needed – computers, Internet connection, a computer network etc.

You can Cut Costs With Hosted Digital Phones and here are some of the advantages:

  • There is no need to have a Private Branch eXchange (PBX), which is the very expensive box that major telephone service providers install on your premises. That drastically reduces the huge capital outlay required to install a PBX onsite because all that is required for a digital phone system is high-speed Internet connection and a router which is provided by the service provider. The flexibility of this system is truly great because most of the responsibility of handling calls rests on the service provider.
  • Since digital phones use what is called a packet based technology, it is possible to make a lot of calls at the same time.
  • You can select a fixed monthly fee that covers all the calls you make since your phones use Internet technology. In addition, it does not make any difference whether you have one or several locations. This is a great way to save on long distance charges.
  • Digital phone systems allow you to receive faxes, emails and text messages as well as the ability to take your phone on the road if you are traveling.
  • Support can be provided remotely and the result is instantaneous. This is useful for adding new users or extensions on configuring the phone without having to wait for a technician to drive to the office. It also makes it very easy to move phones from one location to another since they just need an IP address in order to work.
  • The ability to have a toll-free number at a fixed cost.

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