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Routers, Hops, Executioners and Obituaries: A Look at ICMP

ICMP is the Internet Control Message Protocol which works at Layer 3 or the Network layer. It is used for all kinds of network messaging services utilized by IP, the Internet Protocol.
In fact, here’s how it is defined by Wikipedia:

“The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is one of the core protocols of the Internet Protocol Suite. It is chiefly used by the operating systems of networked computers to send error messages indicating, for example, that a requested service is not available or that a host or router could not be reached. ICMP can also be used to relay query messages”
(see RFC 1256, if you are into that kind of thing). (more…)


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How To Enable DHCP in VirtualBox 4

Virtualization seems to be the buzzword these days and the software that makes its adoption painless for ordinary folks, in my opinion, is Oracle’s VirtualBox. It may not be “there” yet with VMWare, wherever “there” is, but for a basic testing lab, VBox does an awesome job.

The software is free – no one asks you to sign anything, fill out a long form, hand over your kids, or agree to some hidden EULA before you download. Go to the website, look for the version that matches your platform and download. If you are using a Linux Operating System, VirtualBox is most likely in the repository of your distro. (more…)



How To Save A Drowned Phone!

It finally happened to me! I accidentally dropped my phone in water the other day and completely freaked out because as soon as the phone hit the water, it turned off and would not power back on – kudos to the manufacturer for that. It may have been what saved the phone. This is a very expensive phone and I was already bemoaning how I would have to shell out the money to replace it.

The internet, however, came to the rescue and I got a few pointers that I added to what I did to revive my phone. (more…)


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How to remove “Welcome to Joomla” on the front page

Joomla! is a terrific Content Management System (CMS) that makes the creation of a professional-looking website a breeze. It is a very popular tool with tons of add-onsĀ  - templates, modules, plugins, components etc. - that allows you to customize the software to your heart's content. Once in a while, the need arises to change something and you do not know how to go about it. Joomla! is open source, so there are a lot of support forums on the internet where you can quickly get answers to some vexing…

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How To Fix JAuthentication Error in Joomla!

I recently had an error in Joomla! and was unable to log in to the administrator site. The error was:

  • JAuthentication::__construct: Could not load authentication libraries.
    Username and password do not match

I almost panicked. It turned out that I had accidentally disabled the authentication module and plugin thereby denying access to the site administrator. Here’s how I fixed the error… (more…)


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