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The Distribute IT Fiasco: Risk Management Done Wrong

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin.

In today’s business world, where organizations face ever-escalating customer demands and expectations and little room for downtime, logic dictates that businesses today are seriously revamping their business continuity and risk management plans, or developing one if they did not have any.

This is even more pertinent given what we have witnessed in recent months in the areas of data breaches, hack attempts and the underground “war” being waged in cyberspace that has put most of the world’s powerful organizations on the defensive. (more…)


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The RSA Breach: Time for Full Disclosure?

As more companies with national security interests come forward with admission of breaches related to the hacking of RSA’s SecurID technology, one wonders if it is time for RSA to break its stubborn refusal to tell the public what exactly was stolen or when the breach actually occurred. At this stage, it is not just enough to tell the public that it had been hit by a phishing email exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader. (more…)


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Abusing “Free”: On Ethics And Deceptive Practices

Have you ever tried to sign up for a “free” webinar only to be bombarded with a five-page interrogation sheet that asks you for all kinds of information that you find yourself saying “I just wanted to watch a presentation”? Did you come across a report or whitepaper you wanted to look at only to end up spending two to three minutes taking an exam and then the “report” turns out to be a two-page sales sheet? How about that eBook you saw and thought would be a good read until you were made to fill out a police report on why you are trying to get educated?

This issue has bothered me for quite some time. It is the practice of vendors, publishers and everyone in between offering “free” software, whitepaper, Mp3s, “special” reports and useless one-page drivel that makes you want to do some harm to the producers of such garbage in exchange for your personal information. (more…)


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How the Web is keeping IT Support Honest

It is amazing how much the world of IT support has changed. Just a few years ago, the tech support folks were the reservoir of knowledge and users always took their advise, suggestions or diagnosis as the words of the wise. That, thankfully, has changed. We have computer users who are so savvy and tuned in to technology now that it will be foolish for an IT support technician to attempt pulling a fast one on them.

I remember when I first got started as an IT Manager and had to work on a Microsoft Exchange server that was foreign to me and we had to bring in an external support person to assist us whenever there was a problem. Looking back now, I feel really noobish because all the tech did was to hop on Microsoft Technet and search the knowledgebase (KB) for a solution to whatever errors the server was generating. Aw Snap. (more…)


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The “Free Trial” Trap and How To Avoid It

We’ve all been subjected to it: ” Install our software or hardware and use it for 30-60 days and if you do not like it, simply remove it and you will get your money back, no questions asked”. Well, there-in lies the problem – that no questions are being asked.

Have you ever subscribed to a “free” magazine only to spend frustrating months trying to get them to stop billing you for the useless magazine? Think of that situation magnified ten times. Here’s why. (more…)


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