Security Warning For Businesses Running Windows 7

URGENT Security Warning For Businesses Running Windows 7. Microsoft is ending support for the operating system starting January 14, 2020.

Tech Prognosis technician working on a Windows 7 computer

Your computer network is more important than ever. And so are the computers powering your business or organization. This is especially true if your computer network is still running Microsoft’s  Windows 7 operating system which the company plans to retire support for on January 14, 2020.

Not only does that mean that any computer with the operating system installed will be completely exposed to serious hacker attacks aimed at taking control of your network, it also means that business data will be exposed to theft, computer system crashes and the possibilities of a host of other business-crippling problems you do NOT want to have to deal with. (more…)


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How To Fix “No Printer Installed” Error in QuickBooks

Occasionally, one runs across some application problems that “just happens for no reason”. Such was the experience with the “No printer installed” error you may get in QuickBooks.

This error comes up when you try to print a form in QuickBooks, or try to access the File | Printer Setup menu. In some cases, installed printers will not show up in the Printer Setup drop-down box even though there are printers installed on the computer.

The culprit is usually a corrupt QBPrint file and the fix is very easy, in this case at least. (more…)


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How to Fix Windows 7 update error code 8007000D

Recently, I have been having all kinds of problems with Windows update, especially after the release of Windows 7 SP1. One of the frustrating things about Windows errors is the silly “Get help with this error” message that tells you absolutely nothing about how to fix the errors. Rants aside, here’s how to fix one of those cryptic errors, specifically error code 8007000D also represented by its hex variant 0x8007000D. (more…)


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Getting Ready for Windows 7

It’s coming and you know it. As Microsoft gets ready to release Windows 7 to the general public, it is very important for small business owners to start thinking of how to migrate to the new OS. Unlike, Windows Vista, there is no reason why enterprises should not start planning for the move now.

Of course, with every new iteration of an Operating System, there comes the headache of application compatibility. Will that legacy application that worked flawlessly in Windows XP be able to deliver in Windows 7? While there seems to be a lot of tolerance for legacy apps built into Windows 7, there could be a few problems along the way. (more…)


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Cost Cutting and Productivity

The general saying these days is that the economy is in a bad shape, things are tight and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make payroll. For small business owners, this is evident in the rate at which employees are being laid off, or having their hours reduced. The danger in all this is that cost cutting may be taken to such an extreme level that it is bound to affect productivity in the long run. I remember working very hard to convince a friend of mine to be careful about laying off too many good employees. “Why?” he asked, and my response was, what are you going to do if the work starts coming in and you do not have experienced people to get it out the door efficiently and profitably? (more…)


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How to Upgrade Windows 7 from RC to Final

The recent buzz in the technology world has been the upcoming release of the finished build (RTM) of Windows 7. Already, subscribers to Microsoft Technet have been granted access to the final release. But for those who installed the Release Candidate (RC), it will probably come as a shock to find out that there is no direct upgrade path from the RC to the final release. The reason for this is that the build values are different in the source code - the RC has a value of 7100 while the RTM has a…

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