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The RSA Breach: Time for Full Disclosure?

As more companies with national security interests come forward with admission of breaches related to the hacking of RSA’s SecurID technology, one wonders if it is time for RSA to break its stubborn refusal to tell the public what exactly was stolen or when the breach actually occurred. At this stage, it is not just […]

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Breaching the Bastille: When Security Vendors Get Hacked

The recent rash of exposures about successful attacks against information security vendors may come as no surprise to a lot of people in the information security world who probably see or hear about it frequently, but it will surely come as “shocking” to most “ordinary” folks. HBGary, RSA, Comodo and Barracuda Networks are the latest […]

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The Cost of a Lost Laptop

It happens millions of times a day: rushing off to the airport and dashing out of a cab to catch a flight; having a distracting conversation at a restaurant; returning a rental car; checking out of a hotel. Someone inevitably forgets a laptop or has one stolen. Each lost or stolen laptop caries some drastic […]

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