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The RSA Breach: Time for Full Disclosure?

As more companies with national security interests come forward with admission of breaches related to the hacking of RSA’s SecurID technology, one wonders if it is time for RSA to break its stubborn refusal to tell the public what exactly was stolen or when the breach actually occurred. At this stage, it is not just enough to tell the public that it had been hit by a phishing email exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader. (more…)


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Encryption Tools for the Mobile Executive

Most companies provide their senior executives with laptops or netbooks and tablets so they can be productive even when on the road. This is even more true of corporate executives who sometimes demand anytime, anywhere access to data residing on corporate servers. The big corporations can afford to spend millions of dollars on data protection hardware and software.

The same cannot be said of executives in small and medium-sized organizations, especially when it comes to loss of personal information, including credit card data, patient records or other financial information, stored by the company. Data breaches happen and information is lost every day due to small mistakes that could have been avoided. For small businesses, these events can be devastating. (more…)


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Abusing “Free”: On Ethics And Deceptive Practices

Have you ever tried to sign up for a “free” webinar only to be bombarded with a five-page interrogation sheet that asks you for all kinds of information that you find yourself saying “I just wanted to watch a presentation”? Did you come across a report or whitepaper you wanted to look at only to end up spending two to three minutes taking an exam and then the “report” turns out to be a two-page sales sheet? How about that eBook you saw and thought would be a good read until you were made to fill out a police report on why you are trying to get educated?

This issue has bothered me for quite some time. It is the practice of vendors, publishers and everyone in between offering “free” software, whitepaper, Mp3s, “special” reports and useless one-page drivel that makes you want to do some harm to the producers of such garbage in exchange for your personal information. (more…)


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NBA Fines And Non-Compliance Lessons for SMBs

Regulations on the local, state and federal levels are on the rise and this is putting a lot of pressure on compliance efforts of Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and exposing the fact that these organizations can only avoid costly fines and/or lawsuits by maintaining strict compliance throughout their information management processes.

I found the recent fines levied by the NBA on two players – Kobe Bryant and Joachim Noah as a good lesson on the cost of non-compliance.

The NBA has consistently fined players who were in non-compliance of its rules and these violations range from the serious to what one could argue is the absurd – like kicking a ball in frustration, or throwing a basketball into the stands in celebration of a win.

Here is a sample of violations that could get an NBA entity in trouble:

  • derogatory slurs, flagrant fouls, speaking out against or complaining about poor officiating, altercations during a game, making comments about the collective bargaining negotiations, violating team rules,;
  • contact between NBA personnel and underclassmen, receiving 16,18 and 20 technical in one season [A player is automatically suspended for 1 game for his 16th, 18th, 20th etc technical foul in the regular season];
  • shoving another player in the face during a game, escalating an altercation, throwing a ball at a referee during a game, missing a shoot-around, fighting with a teammate, verbally abusing a referee;
  • leaving the court during a game, improper conduct toward a referee (whatever that means), conducting illegal draft workouts, failing to leave the court in a timely manner following an ejection;
  • removing jersey on the court, asking publicly to be traded or released, throwing a basketball into the stands during  game.



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