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Open Source Options for Small Organizations

The tough economy is taking its toll on small businesses and organizations and many are still using old hardware and operating systems simply because they cannot keep up with the high cost of licensing, or the perpetual upgrade fees.

Believe it or not, some organizations are still using Windows NT 4 Servers and Windows 98 desktops. A few are still on Exchange Server 5.5 and a lot of print shops are tied to the Novell Netware and Solaris systems their vendors installed decades ago.

For the cash-strapped small organization, there are a few options provided by the open source community that they may not be aware of. What makes these options even better is that unlike the scary days of command-line only access for system management, most of these systems can be managed via a web browser. (more…)


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Take Stock: Conducting a Data Security Audit in Your Office

It may mean one thing on TV, but to savvy business executives, “CSI” should stand for Carefully Secure Information. Every company has an obligation to its customers, affiliates, and employees to safeguard sensitive data. One step of the process is to “Take Stock” — conduct a CSI-style “forensic audit” of your information practices. (more…)


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Virtualbox 2.2.2 Install Issues

Oracle/Sun Microsystems recently released an update version of the excellent virtual machine software called Virtualbox. But for some weird reason, I have been unable to either upgrade from the previous version or do a fresh installation in Windows XP, Vista Ultimate, Vista Home Premium 64-bit and Vista Business 64-bit . The installation always timed out midway through the file verification section and I got a "setup ended prematurely" error message. So far, the only way I was able to install the new version was to remove the old one first.…

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